Wondai Rifle Club Inc.
WONDAI RIFLE CLUB  REM EM BRANCE DAY MEMORIAL .303 MATCH SPONSORED BY THE MURGON RSL SUB BRANCH WONDAI RIFLE CLUB RANGE S UNDAY 7 TH NOVEMBER 202 1 THE  MATCH IS  CONDUCTED AS A TRIBUTE TO  REMEMBERANCE  DAY AND ALL PERSONS WITH BOLT ACTION .303  AND BOLT  ACTION  MILITARY RIFLES ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND AMMUNITION TO BE SUPPLIED BY COMPETITORS COMMENCING  at  9 am NOTE:  LUNCH PROVIDED  IN ENTRY FEE EVENING  MEALS WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED AT THIS SHOOT. RANGES 300 YARDS, 400 YARDS, 500 YARDS ENTRY FEE  $ 5 0 (Includes lunch) DIVISIONS SERVICE RIFLE (AS ISSUED). MODIFIED SERVICE RIFLE a) Ramp Rear Sight a) Peep  Rear Sight b) Post Foresight b) Post Foresight only c) Dioptre Rear sight  Allowed SCOPE SERVICE RIFLE RSL MEMBER SHOOT a) Any Power Scope a) Open to RSL Members b) Fired Prone or Bench Position c) No Rear Rest d) Front Rest Only. To maintain the  traditional concept of the event Competitor  Marking will be required on paper targets. Competition conducted in accordance with current NRAA, QRA &  WRC rules. .303 service rifles barrelled in 308  Winchester and 7.62 NATO  are  not permitted in  this Competition. The Wondai Rifle Club reserves the right to alter this programme at its discretion. PRESENTATI ONS TO COMPETITORS WILL BE MADE IN PERSON ONLY AT THE END OF THE MATCH ARRANGEMENTS  HAVE BEEN MADE FOR AN RSL REPRESENTATIVES  TO PRESENT THE AWARDS SPECIAL NOTICE Any shooter with a genuine medical condition which restricts them from  shooting in the prone position may shoot off a bench, which they must  supply, with a simple front rest and no rear rest  (off the shoulder), in their  respective rifle classification/division
For all shoot information, please contact: WRC President John Hinricks: 0427 437 071 OR Dave Hatherell: 0419 726 371 l.j.hinricks@gmail.com davidhatherell68@gmail.com events@wondairifleclub.org
Rifle Range Road Wondai QLD 4606 P.O. Box 225 Wondai QLD 4606